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Terms / Definitions: (from HI DOA 4-143)

  • Bean - the seed of the fruit of the coffee plant, which has been dried and from which the pulp and the spermoderm have been removed and is also known as green coffee bean.
  • Cherry Coffee - an agricultural commodity comprised of the unprocessed fruit of the coffee plant.
  • Good aroma and flavor when brewed - the coffee beverage, prepared according to accepted procedures, possesses a desirable flavor and aroma and is free from all foreign, undesirable, or offensive flavors or aromas.
  • Good roasting quality - the green coffee, when properly roasted, possesses uniform color and brightness.
  • Green Coffee - coffee beans which have been processed from cherry coffee by removing the pulp, the adhering mucilage, and the hull.
  • Hawaii Coffee - green coffee processed from cherry coffee which is grown in the State of Hawaii and which at least meets the minimum requirements of Hawaii #3 green coffee.
  • Hull - the dried spermoderm which is the light tan or buff-colored membrane encasing the bean.
  • Husk - the outer part of the dried cherry consisting of dried pulp.
  • Kona Coffee - green coffee processed from cherry coffee which is grown in the geographic region of Kona and which at least meets the minimum requirements of Kona Prime green coffee.
  • Mill - a location where cherry coffee is processed into parchment coffee or parchment coffee is processed into green coffee, or both.
  • Natural Coffee - coffee which has been processed from cherry coffee that has been dried with the husk on, or coffee which has been processed from parchment coffee with adhering mucilage.
  • Offgrade - a descriptive term applicable to coffee which has a market value, and designates a quality lower than Hawaii #3 grade for green coffee.
  • Parchment - the portion of the fruit of the coffee plant consisting of the hull, from which the pulp has been removed, and the enclosed seed.
  • Quality - the inherent properties or attributes of a product which determines its relative degree of excellence.
  • Shell - part of the bean that is thin, light in weight, and shell-like in appearance.
  • Silver Skin- the dried seed coat of the bean, which is tightly adhering, thin, tissue-like, membrane covering the bean.
  • Type I bean - a bean which is produced two to a cherry and which is perceptively flat on one side and convex on the other.
  • Type II bean - a bean which is produced one to a cherry and is generally oval in shape and round in diameter.
  • Uniformly good green color - all of the beans are of nearly the same green color, characteristic for the variety of properly grown and processed beans which have not undergone any material deterioration.