About Us

Parish Coffee Company is a family owned and operated farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. We are the third generation of our family to farm and produce a diversified crop of coffee, macadamia nuts, avocados, and citrus (oranges, tangerines, lemons, mountain apple, lychee, longan, etc.) on our land.

Located on the slopes of mount Hualalai at about 1475 feet of elevation, the volcanic enriched soil of this area gives our estate coffee the necessary nutrients that bring out the quality and bountiful flavors of our coffee beans.

The "Kona Coffee Belt" is a small strip of land about 1.5 miles wide (mauka - towards the mountain to makai - towards the ocean) by 20 miles long (north to south). Farms located in this belt are able to label their coffee "100% Kona Coffee," as long as it passes rigorous standards and grading.

Our estate coffee is farmed by the old traditional style. The property is hand tiered, with our coffee interspersed between the shady areas of our macadamia nut trees. The combination of beautiful sunny mornings, higher elevation, enriched soil, ample shade, and afternoon rains are the makings of a superior quality Kona Coffee bean.

Local Girl Coffee is the brand name for our signature product line of estate grown 100% Kona Coffee. We wanted to involve our children in our venture, thus the picture on our label is of our daughter many years ago. We decided to open this online shop to share our coffee with our current friends and family, as well as new friends that we make along the way.

We are located on the makai side of Highway 180 at the 7 mile marker. Because we are an older traditional farm, we don't have the necessary facilities for tours at this time.

You can reach us at:

Parish Coffee Company, 75-5246 Mamalahoa Highway, Holualoa, HI 96725  |  email: info@localgirlcoffee.com